Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It Runs in the Family

my dad
There’s a tagalong term that is often used in our house and it’s the word “sutil”.  The dictionary refers to it as obstinate but at home we use that term to refer to someone who is playfully naughty.  When my dad was alive, this was the best and only way to describe his sense of humor.  Years later, I find myself unknowingly marrying a man with the same endearing sense of humor as my dad.  It therefore comes as no surprise that my 2 kids seem to have inherited this particular trait. 

Nina’s Kuya had long earned the title of sutil because just by his smile alone, you would already think that he was planning some prank against you.  My dad was like that as well.
naughtiness X 2

What surprises us is the fact that for Nina, she has been displaying her naughty antics as early as now…  a perfect example happened just this afternoon when hubs asked Nina to bless or “mano”.  For Filipinos this is a traditional manner of showing respect to one’s elders – something that we would like the kids to continue practicing.  Nina must have noticed that her dad was in a sleeveless undershirt.  so, instead of raising hub’s hand to her forehead, she poked his underarm instead to tickle him!  How can a 2-year old come up with something like that?!  Who’s to blame?  Genes… that’s the only thing I can think of.  Incident’s like these make me wonder in amusement what kind of antics my kids will get themselves into for the years to come.