Monday, May 9, 2011


When your child does not follow the usual pace of growth and development like other children, you tend to be extremely grateful about little things like their first smile, the first time they responded to you, or even the first time they copied your actions.  On my part, I see it as God’s gentle reminder for me not to take things for granted and to be appreciative of the little miracles that we encounter along the way.  While in the past, I was not as ecstatic when Kuya imitated my actions or when he danced to a familiar tune on television, with Janina, it all becomes a cause for celebration.  Because each of her actions tell me that she is learning, growing, and slowly becoming all that we hope she would be – albeit at her own pace.  That enough is a perfect reason for me to be thankful. :-)

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  1. Amen to this post! I've become too tired of thinking what should be and what should not be for Gab to the point that I'd rather enjoy my time with her and appreciate everything that she has done. Everyday is God's reminder for us to be grateful for everything He has bestowed on us. And every day added to Gab's life is a concrete reminder to me that I am blessed and loved by God to have Gab in my life. Thank you for sharing this, Pittipat.

    p.s. I gave birth to Gab at exactly 7 months. The pedia revived her as she wasn't breathing when my OB pulled her out. She only weighed 22 ounces (1 lb and 6 oz) or 650grams. She was the smallest baby the hospital has ever recorded. She stayed in NICU for 2 months and we bravely brought her home when she reached 1.6kg. She's small for her development age and the pedia told us it would take her 2 years to catch-up. It was one of the most challenging times. God is a caring, loving God. At times when we can't control the situation, He's our only source of strength and sanity. God bless you always!