Monday, August 22, 2011

The Good People

Have I ever told you how lucky our little girl is?

Well, to top things off, she has the best set of doctors available in the country. And these doctors not only have the brains and the skill, they also have the heart.

Five weeks after her syndactyly release, things are looking nothing but great for our little girl.  We meet up with her hand surgeon either once or twice a week just so he can check on her progress as well as make sure everything is okay.  He has taught us hand exercises to save us the additional cost of having to go to a therapist and has assured us that we can text him anytime (except to greet him a happy birthday or Merry Christmas).  To top it off, he refuses to charge us consultation fees during our weekly visits!

The secretary was once telling me that she questioned Dr. Castillo as to why he was passing on cleft lip patients to Dr. Tansipek when he was capable of performing the surgery in the first place.  The response?  “Why will I do something when I know that someone else can do it better than I can?”  Now that’s what I call true service.  I wish other people would have the same attitude as well rather than biting off more than they can chew.

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