Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Not Her But We

Whenever people see how far Nina has gone with her development, there will always be someone who would eagerly tell us that hubs and I make great parents and that she has improved greatly because of us.  Comments like these make me cringe - mainly because I know that we aren't perfect parents.  Now don't get me wrong, and this is not false humility but really - as parents, we can only do so much.  Yes, it is a fact that we try our best to do what we can for Nina, but I feel all these would be nothing if it weren't part of His bigger plan.

I personally believe that everything that happens has been planned even before we were born.  Our daughter has a mission on earth, and we, her parents have one as well.  In as much as we try our best to fulfill what we think is our purpose - if He does not anoint our actions and our decisions, these would be nothing.

They say our daughter is lucky to have us as her parents.  While that may be true, I say that we are even luckier to have her come into our lives because she has taught us so many lessons in life that we never expected, and has given us so many things to be grateful for.  So who is it that is blessed?  I'd say it was we rather than her... and all this is because of Him who never, never fails us - no matter how doubtful and unworthy we are.

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  1. It's so true. Our children makes us better persons.