Monday, January 20, 2014

Conquering Mountains Through Buttonholes

This happened probably around late last year but as usual, things started piling over and writing about it was set aside. Still I knew I had to write about it so I decided to temporarily jot it down on my Ipad waiting for my son at the doctor's clinic until I could fine tune things up a bit for the blog.

Nina has always had a fascination for buttons and buckles often times, she would insist on buttoning and rebuttoning her jacket, her dad's shirt, her own blouse, or her sandals.  While hearing mass one Sunday, Nina took favor on the buttons of my blouse.  Unfortunately, the button was so small and the holes were a tight fit.  After managing to unbotton my shirt, she then began working on putting it back.  I have to say that even for someone with fully functioning digits, the task would be challenging particularly because the holes were relatively small.  But still she persisted.  She repeatedly refused any help from me, her dad or her aunt who were all beginning to notice that it was taking her a looooong time to complete her self appointed task.  Because I had to stay still until she finished her task, I was become somewhat impatient (not to mention uncomfortable) but i couldn't convince her to get any help.

After about 25 minutes of struggling, she finally got the button in.  Was i proud of her?  I was bursting!  While this may not appear to be such a big deal for most parents, being able to button up a shirt when you have 3 stiff digits in each hand is a big big milestone.  It wasn't easy, but her determination made it possible.  

Patience is really something that i know i need to work on developing but seeing my daughter work tirelessly inspires me to do the same.  How many of us give up so quickly when things don't quite go the way we planned.  How many times have I lost heart or complained because I could not lose the excess weight I had been trying to get rid of ever since I gave birth 4 years ago?  Comparing my own concerns with the challenges that prevent my daughter from functioning "normally" I am put to shame.  How can I push my kids to persevere  with conquering their mountains only to give up my goal to become healthy and fit because of mere laziness?  Ouch!

Convicted, I convince myself to try harder and follow the example of my daughter.  Yes, the tables have been turned.  My only hope is that she will stay as determined when it comes to the bigger life challenges which would involve not just buttons or buckles.

Lord, I pray that we be given as much determination as Nina has, that inspite of whatever difficulties we may be faced with, we would go on, doing that which we know we need to do.  Amen.

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