Monday, February 3, 2014

Bound Together by Misspelled Genes

How can your heartbreak for a child you've never known?  How can you feel the sadness of someone whom you've not ever met?

We are all bridged together by a threads of commonality - a single gene that has allowed us to connect in one way or another.  That misspelled gene that brought about our children's condition, is the same thread that binds us all together.

I received a Facebook friend request today from someone I did not know.  As soon as i checked her profile, a familiar face greeted me - the face of a child with Apert Syndrome.  Perhaps because of my familiarity with Nina's case and the friends i have made both here and in other places has taught me to zero out on the Apert kid merely by their facial features.  Sometimes I check the hands just to make sure, but more often than not, there is no need to do so.

I saw that that she and I had common friends from the Cranio communities and i was pleased to see that she was based in the Philippines.  I approved the friend request and added her up to the Apert Manila page that I had created as well.  A few minutes after, she sent me a private message.  And so i came to know of this pretty little girl nicknamed Ramram and her strong-willed Mama Raquel even though it was too late.

They chanced upon Nina's video on you tube.  Seeing how well she had thrived after her own surgery, they decided to bring Ram to PGH for her craniotomy.  The procedure had gone well, or so it had appeared.  But in less than 24hours, her vital signs went down and then she was gone, all too soon.  Despite the fact that she was under the care of one of the best cranio teams here in Manila, the path which they had begun to create for her came to an abrupt end.  

My heart bleeds for the parents of Ramram.   My heart bleeds for Mommy Raquel who treated Ram like her own.  I couldn't help but cry at the idea of bringing in a well child to the hospital with hopes of even making her life even better only to end up not being able to bring her home anymore, or hug her, or kiss her evenf or one last time.  I scan through the pictures of her mom's facebook account and all I see is a beautiful and angelic face.  A face no different from Nina's.  I am told that the reason they had the courage to go through with the surgery was because of Nina.  I can't help but think if things would have been much better for her if they hadn't seen the video at all.  While it seems that the Lord had other plans for Ram, the loss of such a young life is disconcerting.  The thought pains me but I know that what I feel now cannot even match half of what her parents felt when they were told of the news.

I have always favored the saying that "everything happens for a reason" but when that 'everything' happens to you, no amount of reasoning will ever be enough.  When grief and sadness envelope your whole being, everything else will come up empty.  

I know very little about this family and yet my heart believes that no matter how short she had spent her life with them, the memories they have of her will always be special.  Her presence albeit short, will change them drastically but hopefully positively, in the same way that knowing of her story has changed me over the last 24 hours.

Everything happens for a reason.  Whatever the reason may be, I pray that Ram's sacrifice of having to give up her wonderful earthly family was not in vain.  I pray that all families who are experiencing or who have experienced their own losses will find the light at the end of the tunnel.  I pray that we all learn to appreciate everything that we have, regardless if these aren't what we had hoped for.  I pray that each parent will, at the end of the day, never forget to hug their children and tell them how much they are loved.  

And to you Ram, i wish I had met you.  i wish Nina had met you because you would have become such good buddies, I'm sure.  Thank you for blessing our lives even though you are no longer around.  Thank you little angel, thank you for giving us so much in the so little time that you had on earth.  Go ahead now, flap your wings - it's time for you to fly high.  Rest in peace sweetie, your task is completed and you have done it well.

Ramram and Mommy Raquel (photo used with permission from the owner)

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  1. Thank you for giving time to listen and sharing to story of our beloved Abrahama. Though it may seem that her life is so short as much as we want it to be longer, I believe that the her life was a blessing to all of us. She strengthen our faith and most of all makes us all bonded for her to see how beautiful life is. I hope Nina will grow healthy and strong and continue inspiring other people just like what she did with us. God has reasons, and there is no better place for RamRam to be in the arms of our dear Creator. Actually, this blog made me shed tears again, so much tears, but I know RamRam is always here with us, though we may not see her face to face, we can feel it by heart.

    Thank you so much Pittipat!!! May God bless you always together with Nina and your whole family.