Friday, October 26, 2012

Asking for EARnest Prayers

We had originally planned on scheduling Nina’s 2nd syndactyly release right after hub’s birthday especially since we were having a long weekend that time, not to mention the school semestral break.  Unfortunately, she developed a bad cold which progressed into a cough the week before the scheduled date so we had to postpone again.  Her doctors are adamant that whenever a surgery date has been set, Nina must be clear of any coughs or colds two weeks before the surgery date.  This is mainly to ensure that no complications would arise during the surgery since they need her nasal passages to be clear as for the general anesthesia.

Recently, the kids had been diagnosed with Allergic Rhinitis and Asthma (sadly both of which were inherited from me) and both of them have been placed on maintenance medicines just to avoid any episodes particularly during the pollen season and the wonky weather.   It was during one of those check-ups with the ENT that the doctor pointed out that Nina had an ear infection perhaps connected with her never-ending sniffles and the cough that went with it that time as well. 

For a person with Apert Syndrome, it is typical for the midface portion to be hypoplastic  or underdeveloped.  That being the case, when ear infections happen, sometimes the liquid/pus in the ear is not fully drained (because of the structure of the ear canal) and that could affect the person’s hearing.  To resolve the problem, tubes will have to be surgically placed in the ear to allow drainage. 

The doctor then requested for Nina to undergo several hearing tests so she could determine if tubes would be necessary in her case.  Fast forward months later, we realized that the tests were never done!  One was because hubs and I discussed that we should arrange for the test to be covered by our HMO but because the requesting doctor was not part of the network, we had to look for one that was.  But things started coming up and before we knew it, 5 months had already passed.  We returned to the first doctor and sadly that the infection was still there.  So now, the tests are imperative and urgent but I am still hoping for a miracle. 

Honestly, I don’t want Nina to have to go through any more operations.  I also know that the tubes in the ear can sometimes get clogged so it’s possible that the surgery isn’t just a one-time thing.  So while I’m scheduling appointments with an accredited doctor, I am also praying that the infection dies down and that the doctors will see that there really is no need for tubes to be placed in her ears.  Will you join me in praying for that please?

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