Saturday, September 21, 2013

Giant Steps

School appears to have had a positive effect on Nina.  Although she sat through the nursery class in the school where I work last year, she was not officially enrolled.  When classes started this June, she became a bonafide student.

Perhaps it was because of the exposure, or maybe it was simply the timing, but all of a sudden, we noticed that she started talking more and that her words were easier to understand.  She developed an appetite that could rival any adult and all of a sudden, we began to notice that her clothes all started getting smaller and shorter.  Growth spurt?  I can't think of a better term for it except that.

I didn't put too much thought into it but when more and more people started to notice, it re-affirmed our observations.  A perfect example was her dentist whom we last saw in July.  When she saw Nina yesterday, she immediately exclaimed that Nina appeared to have suddenly grown from a baby to a child (and not even a toddler, mind you).  True enough, Nina showed how much she had grown up by singing to her dentist about brushing her teeth and by willingly sitting on the dental chair by herself (a first) without any tears or complaints.  

Time indeed flies fast.  I know I still have to catch up on her home programs for OT, PT and speech but at least even with the fact that I lack focus on our homeworks on these, her improvement has become more than significant if I may say so myself.  I just can't wait to see what her Dev Ped will say when she sees her.  :-)

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