Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Still a very lucky girl

During the surgery for Janina’s fingers, the doctors had to place a pin on the left ring finger just to give the bones a little support after the split was made.  That pin is actually a wire with the end bent into a loop to avoid any injuries.  As an added precaution, the surgeon also gave us a plastic cap to tape on top of the finger. 

We initially thought the pin came out when the bandages were removed but after the scabs had fallen off, we found out it was still there – which was a good thing.  Because Janina now actively makes use of her hands, we need to be very careful that the cap stays on at all times.

Well tonight, I feel was a very lucky night because as I was putting both kids to sleep, I decided to look for the TV remote somewhere in the bed.  I was struggling because the room was dimly lit and Janina was latched on while her big brother had his leg on top of me.  It was while I was groping around that I found that the cap had fallen off!  I shudder at the thought of what could have happened had I not found that.  Thank God our guardian angels were working double time tonight.

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